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Everything NEW in Fortnite Chapter 5! (Changes, Map, Battle Pass, Update of Gameplay)

Fortnite chapter 5 all update
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Today December 2, Fortnite will enter a new era. The Big Bang changes the terrain, adds new characters like Peter Griffin, and stimulates both new and returning players. Fortnite OG is coming to an end. But it doesn’t mean Chapter 5 Season 1 won’t excite players. Patch notes and leaks have revealed a wealth of upcoming stuff. Here’s what you can anticipate.

When Will Chapter 5 Season 1 Begin?

The Big Bang event will take place later today, on December 2. This will be followed by some downtime until the publication of Chapter 5 Season 1. IT will go live at 3 a.m. PST on December 3. That is when we will receive the whole patch notes.

What has been confirmed is as follows:

  • object with a grapple blade
  • Mr. Griffin
  • Solid snake
  • The LEGO game mode
  • Lamborghini moving train and Rocket League cars
  • Climbing a wall
  • Rocket Racing is a game mode.
  • Mode of play for rhythm games
  • Hurdling has returned.
  • Weapon alterations

A Moving Train Is Coming to the Fortnite Map

The addition of a moving train to the battle royale island has been verified. You may ride it while looting, battling opponents, and leaping between rail coaches. According to leaks, there is also a Capture the Train goal.

Lamborghini on the Way: Speaking of transportation, Lamborghini automobile models are on their way to the island. In addition to this premium sports vehicle, Fortnite will receive Octane from Rocket League. In addition, players should keep an eye out for new SUVs.

Wall Climbing and Movement Modifications

For a long time, trusted leakers have been pointing to wall climbing, and an official trailer eventually showed wall climbing in Chapter 5 Season 1. Players will be able to run up to and scale walls. Hurdling is also back, after being disabled at the start of Chapter 4.

Fortnite Weapon Attachments and Modifications

For quite some time, leakers have been contemplating the addition of weapon customizations. It appears that it will happen in Chapter 5 Season 1. Magazines, optics, muzzles, sights, and foregrips will all be completely interchangeable.

Gameplay of Grapple Blade

The new Grapple Blade item was seen off in the Chapter 5 Season 1 video. Video Credit: @ShuffleGamer.

You’ll be able to aim it at far walls and structures and use it for swift aerial mobility like Spider-Man. The Grapple Blade may also be used to assault foes with a close-range blade. Grenades are another new weapon.

Peter Griffin and Solid Snake Make Their Fortnite Debuts

It has been revealed that two new crossovers will be added to Fortnite. Players will be able to combat and construct as Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid in Chapter 5 Season 1. But it’s not the Peter Griffin you’re expecting, the teaser depicted a super buff Peter Griffin that rivalled The Rock. You may also utilize the Bird is the Word emote for added pandemonium.

When it is released, the Battle Pass will include clothes and other cosmetics. Later on, there’s a suggestion of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cooperation, which isn’t unusual given the turtle adolescents’ appearances in other games.

Fortnite is getting a LEGO mode

According to clues from the Big Bang event teaser, there will be three new game types. One is a LEGO mode developed in conjunction with LEGO, which allows you to design your own avatar and explore across an open universe. The Rocket Racing mode, developed in conjunction with Rocket League, is also eagerly awaited. Then there’s Rhythm, a music-themed minigame in which you must hit specified buttons in precise rhythms to popular music tracks.

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